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1. How does the selection process for DreamPad candidates work?

Our selection process for DreamPad candidates is entirely community-driven:

  • Proposal creation: Community members propose potential projects.

  • Voting: NFT holders vote on these proposals with equal rights.

  • Evaluation: We have a robust team of developers and advisors who thoroughly evaluate the queued projects that want to launch through the Honeypot. Then we provide Honeypot Finance’s community with fair and objective information based on our assessments.

  • Community decision: The community makes the final decision through voting, ensuring an unbiased and representative outcome.

2. If I come across a risky project engaging in suspicious activities that could potentially turn out to be a scam, is there a way to stop it once it has been launched on Dreampad?

HoneyGenesis NFT holders can stop launches on DreamPad through community voting. Even during an active launch, proposals can be created. If the vote surpasses a certain threshold, our smart contract, which incorporates OpenZeppelin's pause mechanism, can halt the launch. Participants will receive refunds as funds are kept in the AMM pool, which is fully decentralized.

3. What benefits do HoneyGenesis NFT holders receive?

HoneyGenesis NFT holders enjoy several unique benefits:

  • Exclusive Airdrops: Higher intensity of airdrops from top-tier Berachain projects.

  • Launchpad Participation: Participate in token launches via DreamPad, earning additional tokens.

  • Liquidity Provision: Automatically provide liquidity on HenloDex post-launch, earning transaction fees.

  • Protocol Integrations: Access additional benefits through our flywheels models with our partners.

4. How does DreamPad ensure fair pricing for participants?

DreamPad ensures fair pricing through our innovative Fair Token Offering (FTO) model, which includes several key features:

  • Fair Access: Uniform pricing across all users ensures no single user gains an unfair advantage, promoting equitable token distribution.

  • Immediate Liquidity: A 100% deep liquidity pool is established immediately, enabling instant user trading and improving market efficiency and confidence.

  • No Pre-minted Tokens: Tokens exist only within the liquidity pool, preventing market manipulation by early investors.

  • Transparency: Users who missed the initial sale can only purchase tokens through the AMM pool, ensuring transparent and fair token distribution.

  • Anti-Dumping Measures: The optional token burn after liquidity removal demonstrates the project owner's commitment to market stability and investor confidence.

5. As a user wanting to participate in the token launch campaign on Honeypot Finance, what measures have you implemented to prevent rug pulls?

At Honeypot Finance, we prioritize the security and trust of our community. To mitigate the risk of rug pulls, we've implemented several robust mechanisms:

  1. Democratic Voting and Pause Mechanism:

    • We believe in the collective wisdom of our community. Our platform incorporates a robust democratic voting and pause mechanism, allowing users to halt suspicious activities promptly. This helps prevent potential rug pulls effectively.

  2. Launch Model:

    • Our launch model is designed to make rug pulls economically non-viable. Here's how it works:

    • Liquidity Pool (LP) Token Launch:

      • We launch LP tokens and immediately add them to our HenloDex. This approach ensures projects earn transaction fees as LP providers, creating a long-term revenue stream.

      • By doing this, projects are not incentivized to dump tokens for short-term gains. Instead, they benefit from sustained earnings.

    • Liquidity Removal and Token Burn Mechanism:

      • When a project removes liquidity from the pool, the token’s value remains stable due to the constant K formula used in our Automated Market Maker (AMM) model.

      • Additionally, projects can choose to burn their tokens while removing liquidity. This burning mechanism reduces the token supply, thereby supporting the token's price.

Our approach ensures that the long-term benefits of maintaining liquidity and earning transaction fees outweigh the short-term gains from a potential rug pull. This economic incentive structure makes rug pulls highly unlikely and aligns the interests of projects with those of the community.

6. I am a user who wants to participate in the token launch campaign on Honeypot Finance. How likely is it that I will see the promotion of token launch success and sustainability?

The likelihood of experiencing successful and sustainable token launches on Honeypot Finance is very high. Our Fair Token Offering (FTO) model incorporates several built-in advantages to ensure the success of token launches. You can explore all the benefits of our FTO model on our GitHub page.

Here are some key points that contribute to the success and sustainability of token launches on our platform:

  1. High-Quality Projects:

    • We carefully curate and bring top-quality projects to our platform, ensuring that only the most promising and credible projects are launched.

  2. Excellent Support Mechanisms:

    • Our platform has robust mechanisms in place to support the success of token launches. These include democratic voting, pause mechanisms, and liquidity management strategies.

  3. Economic Incentives:

    • The FTO model creates long-term economic incentives for projects by enabling them to earn transaction fees as liquidity providers. This discourages short-term, opportunistic behaviors like rug pulls.

7. How can I apply for DreamPad as a project?

If you are interested in applying for DreamPad, please contact our team on Discord or Telegram. We also offer incubation services: join us and take your project to the next level. Honeypot Finance is your gateway to the Berachain Ecosystem!

If you have more questions, feel free to open a ticket on our Discord, and one of our team members will answer you πŸš€

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