⛓️Build on Berachain

A new paradigm

Berachain is a high-performance EVM-identical blockchain built on Proof-of-Liquidity consensus, and supported by the BeaconKit framework.

Proof-of-Liquidity is a novel consensus mechanism that aims to align network incentives, creating a strong synergy between Berachain validators, ecosystem projects and everyday users. Berachain is built using BeaconKit, a modular and customizable consensus layer for EVM-based blockchains.

Visit the Berachain homepage here:

Honeypot Finance on Berachain

As a comprehensive DeFi hub, we are committed to providing the tools and protocols needed for launching and trading long-tail assets, maintaining their quality, and supporting their expansion.

Dual Incentive Layers: In terms of incentives, we not only plan to use Berachain’s PoL mechanism to sustainably distribute $HPOT to our community in exchange for $BGT, but we also provide our own Honeypot ecosystem grants to encourage and develop projects that launch with us.

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