🍯About Honeypot Finance

Honeypot Finance | Berachain’s incubator for long-tail assets

Honeypot Finance is building a community-run DeFi Hub on Berachain that integrates a unique AMM model to unite a community-led launchpad and DEX. It addresses the liquidity segmentation across DeFi products which leads to low liquidity utilization. Our unique flywheel operates on a community-driven paradigm, fostering an ecosystem where increased engagement leads to enhanced liquidity and vice versa, thereby sustaining a self-reinforcing cycle of growth and rewards.

Starting from Berachain 🐻⛓

Honeypot Finance aims to embody the aspirations of the Berachain community by providing a comprehensive suite of DeFi tools. These tools are crafted to empower individuals with financial autonomy.

Innovation for Beras

HenloDex, powered by the award-winning Batch-A2MM model, is the home to the ecosystem’s long-tail assets including security features for post-launch support and token trading.

DreamPad promotes immediate token liquidity and $HPOT grants for incubated projects while protecting buyers through the Fair token Offering Model (FTO). Dreampad is also a crucial foundation of the flywheel model to maximize the return for both the project and the user.

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