🧩HoneyGenesis NFT

Get your honeypot here and fill it up!

The sweet smell of honey attracts beras, and many beras surround the honey farm. Farmers and beras are competing for attractive rewards, and the battle is about to begin! As a farmer or a Bera, you will defend or steal the honeypot!

NFT Game

HoneyGenesis is a Gen-0 collection of 6,000 NFTs, designed to be a mystery box that holds the future of digital collectibles.

It will be migrated to the Berachain mainnet upon when its arrival, with different probabilities of mutating into beras and honeypots, becoming Gen-1 NFT.

  • Put your honeypot on the honey farm and you will get a steady stream of rewards. To get the honey pot back, you have to fight with the Beras. If the honeypot breaks, the reward will be divided among the Beras. Otherwise, you can take the sweet honey home.

  • Let your beras join this farm war, break the honeypot and take away the rewards. Remember to let it keep fighting. If you go home to rest frequently, your lazy bera may never want to leave its warm bed.

Honey farm and incentives

The Honey Farm's rewards come from hardworking bees - the Honeypot team, and we're cooking it for you, right from our DreamPad!

We will provide an airdrop of $HPOT to the honey farm, and at the same time share the DreamPad revenue with the honey farm. Not only that, our DreamPad Incentive Plan will provide a steady stream of honey, helping projects on DreamPad launch smoothly while distributing harvested assets to honey farms.

What’s even more special is that all the $HPOT token space used for the honey farm will not be issued directly in $HPOT, but will be converted into assets launched on DreamPad and then sent to the honey farm. You will receive various varieties of different flavours of honey!

Fight for the honey and taste it!

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