Integrated Infrared

Flywheel stacked flywheel!

How does the community benefit from the PoL protocol? We updated this program with support from Infrared.

Infrared sits between Honeypot’s Dreampad and AMM, allowing Dreampad LP to be staked on Infrared and earn trading fees with $iBGT and $IRED.

Honeypot can bribe Infrared validators to put the emitted $BGT back into the HPOT/HONEY pool. With our cooperation, the protocol and community will earn an additional $iBGT and $IRED.

$iBGT and $IRED, by staking in the Infrared vault, will earn $HPOT bribes from us, which can be deposited back into the BEX AMM pool to earn more $iBGT.

A sustainable cycle that benefits everyone!

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