🗺️Honeypot Flywheel model

Don't miss out the dual incentive that you can receive with us.

Honeypot Finance's vision is closely aligned with Berachain, and our unique flywheel model actively supports the growth and dynamism of the Bera community.


Honeypot Finance is building a community-run DeFi Hub on Berachain that integrates a unique AMM model to unite a community-led launchpad and DEX, addressing Defi's low liquidity utilization issues.

DreamPad, HenloDEX, and HiveNode form a comprehensive pathway that supports the introduction, retention, and incentivization of liquidity within Honeypot Finance, enhancing the platform’s positive flywheel effect.

  • HenloDex, powered by the award-winning Batch-A2MM model with low slippage and anti-MEV, is the home to the ecosystem’s long-tail assets including security features for post-launch support and token trading. HenloDex will bring higher liquidity efficiency and a better trading experience.

  • DreamPad promotes immediate and deep token liquidity and $HPOT grants for incubated projects while protecting buyers from rug pulls, and dumping from developers through the Fair token Offering Model with a built-in community-driven trust layer (DAO).

  • BeeHive Node deeply integrates with Berachain's PoL, guiding the chain consensus mechanism reward to our product's liquidity and simplifying the PoL mining process.

From the user side: Honeypot uses DreamPad's fair launch as a liquidity entry point, the completed token launch can be directly injected into HenloDex for trading and providing liquidity, and finally, the proof of liquidity (PoL) incentive is obtained through the HiveNode node. As a flywheel, it maximizes user benefits.


Our flywheel model includes our community-led launchpad DreamPad, as well as a community-driven public validation node. On top of it, we're introducing $HPOT as a governance token, key to Honeypot's leadership within the Berachain ecosystem. Consider this: $BGT and $Honey join forces, creating a dynamic system of three dual-incentive tokens.

The $HPOT flywheel plays a significant role:

  1. It helps launch projects, stimulate business and incentivize our community.

  2. This is an attractive incentive for $BGT, increasing the number of votes and revenues for our BeeHive community nodes.

  3. It increases the liquidity depth of $HPOT, creating a robust and appealing financial ecosystem.

  4. Node earnings and fees from the protocol will be used as buy back for $HPOT. It aims at perpetually enhancing $HPOT’s value. This strategic approach functions as a powerful catalyst, continually driving $HPOT's market price to new highs.

The $BGT cycle forms also a substantial flywheel effect:

  1. $BGT holders who delegate to our node receive attractive $HPOT bribes.

  2. The bribe mechanism boosts voting rights, increasing the incentives for $HPOT and $Honey token pools to attract more $BGT rewards.

  3. $HPOT holders participate in PoL mining, collecting $BGT profits.

This creates a lucrative income flywheel driven by $BGT and $HPOT:

  1. The revenue from the protocol and community nodes grows.

  2. Increased revenues prompt $HPOT buybacks, which significantly elevate its market value.

  3. As tokens increase in value, they attract larger bribes and incentives, further stimulating the flywheel of $BGT and intensifying the rise of $HPOT.

  4. A boosted $HPOT leads to an increase in the number of nodes and protocol revenues, sustaining a cycle of growth and prosperity.

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