Advantages of FTO model

  • Fair Access: Uniform pricing across all users ensures no single user gains an unfair advantage, promoting equitable token distribution.

  • Earn Transaction Fees and $BGT: As we automatically add LP to HenloDex, both users and projects can immediately start earning transaction fees and $BGT emissions from PoL.

  • Immediate Liquidity: A 100% deep liquidity pool is established immediately, enabling instant user trading and improving market efficiency and confidence.

  • Market Stability: With no pre-minted tokens and all tokens initially in the liquidity pool, the model prevents early investor dumps and market manipulation.

  • Transparency: Users who missed the initial sale can only purchase tokens through the AMM pool, ensuring transparent and fair token distribution.

  • Price Stability: Balanced liquidity removal according to the constant K formula prevents price disruption due to liquidity changes.

  • Sustainable Funding: Project parties can remove LP tokens to secure development funding without affecting the token price, promoting long-term sustainability.

  • Anti-Dumping Measures: The optional token burn after liquidity removal demonstrates the project owner's commitment to market stability and investor confidence.

  • Aligned Incentives: Aligning the interests of the project and token holders ensures that as the token price increases, the project can access more funds, benefiting all parties.

  • Community Engagement: The (3,3) game theory encourages community participation through strategic actions like buying, adding, and holding liquidity, fostering a collaborative and engaged user base.

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