Berachain already provides complete trading facilities such as decentralized BEX, perpetual contract BERPS and lending contract BEND. Trading with different pricing models or special assets are what left to be discovered with upcoming DEXs.

Honeypot's HenloDex is this type of DEX. We're the party planners, bringing all tradable assets to the dance floor for the ultimate trading extravaganza, providing our users with the most comprehensive trading varieties and the most fair prices.

And our go-to dance partner? - Berachain’s self-operated exchange BEX.

So What Problems HenloDEX is solving?

  1. Security Challenges: Slippage and sandwich attacks are hard to prevent in DEXs.

  2. Shallow liquidity: For most long-tail assets, shallow liquidity leads to excessive slippage;

  3. Valueless incentive: DEXs typically use their own tokens to incentivize liquidity, which is often highly inflationary from the air and doesn’t have many burn scenarios.

Introducing our heroes – the Batch-A2MM Protocol and Limit Order equipped by HenloDex

Batch A2MM

The Batch-A2MM protocol first matches the order with the opposite direction in the market. The matched orders will bypass the AMM so waive fees and slippage. Even if the order cannot be matched, a liquidity pool with a fair price will be selected in the market for trading.

In addition, the Batch-A2MM router is fully on-chain and always chooses the best pool at the moment. Therefore, hackers cannot predict the AMM will be chosen. The more liquidity pools are integrated, the stronger the ability to resist sandwich attacks. Unless an arbitrageur tries to attack all the pools at once, our order sequence stays as strong as a bear's love for honey.

Limit Order

Together with our partner Chainlink, we will implement a limit order function, which means you can place an order and automatically trigger a swap at the expected price.

Completed by Chainlink’s decentralized infrastructure, it’s safe and convenient. Trust me, this will give you a good night's sleep.

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