🀝Honeypot Finance's History and Roadmap

Our journey on Berachain

The Honeypot Finance roadmap:

  • Back in Q3 2022, we were among the first to launch on the innovative, although fictional, L1 Berachain.

  • In Q4 of 2022, Honeypot Finance introduced a groundbreaking proposal for an automated liquidity pool incentive scheme via DAO contracts. Incentives varied considerably, making the commitment to liquidity very attractive.

  • In Q2 2023, Honeypot Finance's Batch A2MM protocol was victorious at the ETH Shanghai hackathon. Our solution, equipped with features to counter sandwich attacks, guarantees fair pricing even in liquidity pools of minimal depth.

  • In Q3 2023, we introduced the Fair Token Offering (FTO) model, offering the Berachain community fair launch conditions, protecting effectively against market manipulation.

  • In the first quarter of 2024, we refined Honeypot’s Flywheel Model to align better with Berachain's token mechanisms. We hosted the Berabeelon testnet for our V1 product demo, engaging 79 loyal community users who participated in over 250 launches, actively trading their tokens. We also introduced our first NFT collection, HoneyGenesis, which has become a cornerstone of the Honeypot Finance ecosystem, raising over $2 million from NFT sales in just two days (marking it as the second highest NFT raise on Berachain).

  • For Q2 2024, we plan to release a new testnet with an enhanced UI/UX experience. We will also unveil the NFT PFP art, alongside our V1 NFT games, enabling users to stake HoneyGenesis NFTs and secure future benefits.

  • In Q3 2024, we aim to innovate further by developing the custom hooks that extend our FTO model, offering projects flexible market launch options, including Token Generation Event (TGE) support, token locking, and innovations previously unavailable in the market ( such as future options).

  • For Q4 2024, we are set to introduce a program that empowers our community to develop custom hooks for the FTO model, enhancing our framework's versatility and effectiveness.

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